problem of ethnicity in africa

5. Ethnicity is the root cause of violence in Africa? Ethnicity can be utilized as a resource in Africa? Ethnicity is rendering multiparty democracy irrelevant in multi-ethnic African states? However the ethnicity problem sets indestructible borders in front of African American students, because of their beliefs about race and ethnicity. You can trace causes of ethnic conflict to amalgamation, religious differences, inequality, lack of transparent governance, long military incursion in government and lack of vision or Nigerian dream, to mention but a few. Ethnicity in Africa is a colonial creation? 4. These recognized ethnic groups in Nigeria as the major ethnic groups are , Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, kanuri, Fulani, Ijaw, Ibibio. Causes of ethnic conflict in Nigeria are many but we will focus on primary ones that government should deal with to stop the menace at once. Download Citation | The Ethnic Problem In Africa | The emergence of ethnic consciousness and nationalism is a volatile and increasingly powerful force in the contemporary world. ethnicity and Democratisation in africa introduction There is a need for a better understanding of the problems of ethnicity and democratisation in Africa. Like Nigeria, a major challenge to democracy in Africa is not the prevalence of ethnic diversity, but the use of identity politics to promote narrow tribal interests, i.e. Throughout Africa myriad ethnic groups exist, each with its … Conventional wisdom suggests that ethnicity is phenomenally problematic in Africa It is held partly responsible for the 'irrationalities ' of the development project, for political instability and weak national identity. 2. Ethnicity induced conflicts in Africa keep on recurring in various parts of the Continent and the earlier solutions were found to solve the problem the better it would be for all. This is partly because of the tendency to view eth-nic difference as a major cause or driver of civil wars or political instability in Africa. This discussion hinges on the notion that sub-Saharan Africa's development problems cannot be divorced from the negative ramifications of ethnicity. To manage her complex ethnic problem, Nigeria, like South Africa, has developed mechanisms for ethnic conflict management. Abstract. This is probably not unconnected with the factor of ethnic diversity of most African states and the resultant problem of ethnicity. Eminue (2004:19) and Osaghae (1992: 214) submit that of all the factors, multi- ethnicity is the most frequently associated with conflict. 1. tribalism. increase in Africa throughout the 20 th century. 6. Ethnic conflict is the main cause of underdevelopment in Africa? Ethnicity What is the problem of ethnicity in Africa? Is there indeed a problem of ethnicity? 3. This diversity in ethnicity has posed numerous problem to the country and we would be proffering solutions to the identified problem caused as a result of divers ethnic groups in the country. An ethnic conflict is one particular form of this: that in which the goals of at least one party are defined in (exclusively) ethnic terms, and the primary fault line of confrontation is one of ethnic distinctions”(5).

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