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Sumac are quite vigorous and spread from root suckers. Then again there maybe a crazy person who plants the posion sumac. Lemon sumac) Smooth sumac (a.k.a. Many of them believe sumac plants (Rhus spp.) Sumac trees are very easy to grow and maintain. Try adding a dash to the top of hummus for a … Instead of being dried, this sumac … Sumac species are avoided by some gardeners for a couple of reasons. The sumac bush may look like just another roadside shrub. Smooth Sumac Rhus glabra . Rhus glabra and over 1000 other quality seeds for sale. It is found in most regions of NC. Some varieties like smooth sumac (Rhus glabra) grow to 20 feet tall, while others like fragrant sumac (Rhus aromatica) stay low and rambling. This spreading shrub, which typically grows 10-15' tall, spreads by root suckers to form large colonies in the wild. The leaves can grow up to 18” in length and turn beautiful bright orange or orange-red color during the fall season. Staghorn Sumac (Rhus typhina) and the Smooth Sumac (Rhus glabra).The berry clusters are beautiful to look at, and actually make a nice drink. All three of these have clusters of fuzzy red berries that grow tightly together, a very distinctive feature. A Colony-forming shrub, Smooth Sumac is the only shrub or tree native to all 48 contiguous U.S. states. Only player this sumac or the smooth sumac. It is extremely drought tolerant and is often found in disturbed areas, open woodlands, prairies, on dry rocky hillsides, and in canyons. Some beekeepers use dried sumac bobs as a source of fuel for their smokers. Smooth Sumac is a dioecious species (male & female flowers are produced on separate plants). Buy Staghorn Sumac online. Poison sumac. Leaves are slender and long change and change from bright green to orange-red in fall. Sumac spice, however, is derived from the dried and ground berries of a specific type of sumac plant, Rhus coriaria. It typically reaches 11 to 18 feet in height. Sumac seasoning contains the finest quality spices available throughout the world. Sumac Tree Types. Spicy World Sumac, 7 oz: Sumac grows happily in the wild and therefore needs little attention once it is established in your yard. The smooth, or scarlet, sumac (Rhus glabra), native to the eastern and central United States, is a common species. Larval host to the Hairstreak Butterfly. 14 oz package of sumac powder is $9.99. This sumac variety also produces clusters of small flowers and tart, Vitamin A rich red berries. This drink is made by soaking the drupes in cool water, rubbing them to extract the essence, straining the liquid through a cotton cloth, and sweetening it. Winged sumac—which is also known by a variety of other common names, including dwarf sumac, flameleaf sumac, and shining sumac—is a multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub or small tree that thrives in dry soils in open areas where it often forms large colonies. Cooks from many countries, including Turkey, Italy, and Israel, have revered sumac berries (Rhus spp.) WHERE TO BUY SUMAC. Sumac will spread from root suckers. Three common species grown in the United States are staghorn sumac, fragrant sumac, and smooth sumac. Flowers in June and July. But with sumac spice, it can be a little difficult to find. are … Scarlet sumac) Although all sumac sold for consumption is safe to eat, there is also a poisonous form of the plant found in the wild, which is identifiable by its white berries and drooping leaves in contrast to edible sumac… Negative: On May 18, 2010, gadgetdan wrote: I have a 40' Staghorn Sumac in my front yard with a 24" diameter trunk. Sumac's seed coat is very hard and untreated seeds can take years to germinate. Reply JungMann Jan 11, 2012 06:53 AM You'll probably get better prices than Kalustyan's at Fairway or International Grocery. Grow the smooth sumac in abundant sunshine in any well-drained soil. All of the sumac species are tough and hardy. However, it is difficult to grow from seed. Can Non-Poison Sumac Trees Cause a Rash?. Smooth Sumac is an excellent choice of a shrub to add lots of color to your lawn or garden. Please visit our sponsors. Our Sumac Shrubs are available for retail or wholesale use. Seeds Anacardiaceae (Sumac Family) hardy to zone 2 The Tropical smooth sumac is a 7-10 ft. You can also purchase online. Leaves are alternate, feather-compound, 12–16 inches long, with 15–23 leaflets; central leaf-stem smooth, lacking wings; leaflets with tip pointed, base rounded, margins coarsely toothed; upper surface dark green, shiny; lower surface lighter to conspicuously white, smooth; broken leaves exude a white sticky sap. It grows to a height of 6 metres (20 feet), with an open, flattened crown and a few stout spreading branches. All parts of the staghorn sumac, except the roots, can be used as a natural dye. (231) 464-5809 info@coldstreamfarm.net Smooth sumac (Rhus glabra) and staghorn sumac (R. typhina) are the most common and readily available landscape species. Touch the fruit to check for a slightly sticky feel. Fragrant sumac (a.k.a. Its foliage of shiny, deeply dissected, fern-like, deep green leaves, 18 in. Grows well in dry, poor soil areas. You can differentiate the species by the fact that the branches of staghorn sumac have a furry texture. Smooth sumac is a thicket-forming shrub or small tree with a spreading crown. Image source: creaseymahannaturepreserve.org. To harvest sumac, locate the desirable clusters that are the brightest color on the tree or bush. long (45 cm), warms up to brilliant shades of red and orange in fall. The foliage is shiny, dark green with almost a fern-like appearance. In Greek cooking, sumac is used as a rub for grilled meats, and as a flavoring most notably on meats, in stews, and in pita wraps. Prized for its attractive fall color in shades of bright orange to red in autumn. A cultivated variety has much-dissected fernlike leaves. These plants are grown around the world but are especially common in East Asia, Africa and North America. If you are wanting to try this recipe but you don’t want to buy a full bottle of sumac, pick up the small green boxes by Spicely which hold exactly two tablespoons. 75 SMOOTH SUMAC TREE Red Berries Rhus Glabra Borealis Seeds. for more than a thousand years. In North America, the smooth sumac and the staghorn sumac are sometimes used to make a beverage termed "sumac-ade", "Indian lemonade", or "rhus juice". So Adaptable The Flame Leaf Sumac can flourish in a wide range of soil types, including clay, sand, and loam. Look for the brands Frontier Co-op and Spicely which sell ground sumac. Flowers are dense yellow-green and fragrant. Spicy World brings you the best spices and ingredients from around the world. Rhus glabra Smooth Sumac is a species of sumac in the family Anacardiaceae , native to North America , from southern Quebec west to southern British Columbia in Canada , and south to northern Florida and Arizona in the United States and Tamaulipas in northeastern Mexico . Some other popular variations include the staghorn sumac, African sumac, smooth sumac and fragrant sumac. To successfully propagate sumac from seed, you must treat it before planting. Its strong architectural form and elegant silhouette are revealed in winter, after the leaves are gone. The Flame Leaf Sumac is a small deciduous tree that readily adapts to a variety of soil types. It is similar to smooth sumac, except the leaves are untoothed. Fruit forms in dense, bright red, compact clusters, and persists thoughout winter. Call us at 1 315 4971058. However, one species, Rhus glabra, (Roos GLAY-bra) the “smooth sumac” is found in all contiguous 48 states.The Indians used the shoots of the Rhus glabra in “salads” though many ethonobotanists say the natives never really made “salads” as we know the term. (NOTE: If you are not interested in growing Staghorn and Smooth Sumac, but just finding the berries, try going to the Nature's Restaurant Online site Staghorn and Smooth Sumac page.). Where to Buy Sumac. I always try to buy my ingredients locally. To the resourceful, all of these plants are both food and medicine. Like Smooth Sumac, it is not poisonous and the bristly red hair covering on the seed clusters are filled with tart ascorbic acid, that are easily rendered into a sumac-ade drink - just a little sugar required. The pinnately compound leaves are alternate, with … It is especially useful to plant in low-nutrient, rocky soils that tend to be on the dry side (where even junipers have trouble growing). Smooth Sumac grows 10 to 15 feet tall. Soil Type: Prefers well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Yellow-green flowers and fragrant and produce bright red, compact clusters of fruit that persists thoughout winter. It's a 100 percent customer-oriented company that is family owned and operated and is proud to be your source for quality foods from around the world. Save with MyShopping.com.au! Sumac is a household staple in middleeastern countries, much like salt and pepper in the United States. The use of sumac came to Greece from the Middle East where it is more widely used. The small flowers are slightly fragrant and greenish-white, appearing in clusters in the late summer. The smooth light-gray bark predominates most of the stems, but the main trunk with age begins to form a patchwork of scaly bark that gives it an older, handsome look. This particular sumac is cured and comes from Turkey specifically. You can get a ½ cup of sumac from The Spice House for $8.99. Harvesting Sumac. Since this shrub suckers and creates a thicket of indefinite width, do not place it in too small of a landscape. 1. In the northeast the staghorn sumac (Rhus typhina, synonym: Rhus hirta) predominates. Sumac species tend to be regional. Sumac Ground - 50gm for - Compare prices of 36394 products in Groceries from 207 Online Stores in Australia. It usually grows in colonies. Click here to order Sumac Shrubs from Cold Stream Farm in Michigan. Three to Five shrubs are needed for a reliable bounty of fruit (red drupes), found on the female plant. Their spices are always super fragrant, vibrant and tasty. Smooth Sumac is a native deciduous shrub appearing in every state and parts of Canada growing 9-15 feet tall and wide. Zones: 3 to 9 Germination Range: 70-90% Stratification Requirement: Seed requires scarification before planting. The colony-forming shrub has attractive branches and flat fern-like leaves. The plant is actually a member of the cashew family, just like pink peppercorns are. It is also used in rice and vegetable dishes. Both grow 10 to 15 feet (3-5 m.) tall with a similar width, and have bright red fall colors. I buy sumac at any health food or natural foods store. Most types of sumac have fuzzy fruit except the Smooth sumac, hence the name. The sumac is a considered a small tree or shrub, growing on average about 15 feet tall. Flamboyant in autumn, Rhus glabra (Smooth Sumac) is an open, spreading, deciduous shrub with nice ornamental features. Popular along roadsides and parks. My go to spice shop online has to The Spice House.

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